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It was less than a year ago I started using my first Yahoo! service.  For a while I was using My Yahoo, My Web, Yahoo 360, Yahoo Photos and two premium services, Premium Mail and Music Unlimited.  But no more.

I have had three very bad experiences with customer care.  The last one sealed it.  I upgraded my music subscription from monthly to yearly before the rate hike.  But oops, Yahoo messed up and billed me monthly again.  After a couple of e-mails back and forth, where it was obvious they were not reading my e-mails, I gave up, cancelled my premium services, and have likely left for good.

They did finally respond with a phone number (long distance), but too little, too late.  I am currently trying Napster, which at this point is only $3 more / month.  And so far I like the service.  They have a larger selection, but what I really like is the user interface.  Napster has done a much better job recommending songs than Yahoo did.

But maybe, I am just in the anything is better than Yahoo! mode.

Posted on Thursday, November 3, 2005 10:36 AM Rants | Back to top

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