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Don't know if this format will stick, but this seems like the faster way to record all the interesting things I ran across on the web on a mostly daily basis.

  • If Windows Had Never Happened ... - The key question, however, is what the application development space would look like if Windows had never emerged.
  • Price as Signal - Forbes reports that "EMI Group boss Alain Levy said at press conference today that he believed Jobs would introduce multiple price points for iTunes music within the next year."  The story they're trying to tell you is that "older, less popular songs could be discounted, and in-demand singles could go for more than a dollar."  Let's think this through, because I think the recording industry is lying about why they want different prices.
  • Google-Mart - Sam Walton Taught Google More About How to Dominate the Internet Than Microsoft Ever Did
  • Office 12 Goes Beta 1 - Microsoft Corp. today announced the technical beta release of the new Office system, code-named Office “12.” The technical beta is available only to nominated customers and partners worldwide and is an important step toward general availability scheduled for the second half of 2006.
  • Microsoft AntiSpyware Now Removes Sony Rootkit - The Windows AntiSpyware Beta will be able to detect and remove this as well with the 11/17/05 signature release.
  • 30 Second AJAX Tutorial - I find a lot of this AJAX stuff a bit of a hype.  Lots of people have been using similar things long before it became "AJAX".  And it really isn't as complicated as a lot of people make it out to be.  Here is a simple example from one of my apps.
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