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Mostly more Xbox stuff.

  • Microsoft Announces Next-Generation ERP Suite - Microsoft Corp. announced Tuesday the first iteration of its next-generation ERP suite, Dynamics GP 9.0, that brings roles-based user interfaces—and a growing integration across Microsoft's infrastructure—to Windows, SharePoint Services portal and Visual Studio.
  • Is Microsoft Up to Some New Tricks? - He calls them dirty tricks and suspects that Microsoft has invented a whole new online litany of them to promote the new Xbox 360 gaming console. The premise may sound odd, but I'll try to summarize. John suspects that MSFT may have created a phony Xbox-bashing site, so off the wall as to be incredible, as a way to make the 360 look good by comparison. John's done some digging, and the site appears to be run by someone hiding his or her identity, whether it be Sony or Microsoft. Is this a tempest in a teapot?
  • Microsoft Takes it on the Chin Over Test-Driven Development - The poop has hit the propeller for Microsoft over the past few days in regards to its Guidelines for Test-Driven Development article published on its Microsoft Developer Network portal (MSDN).
  • UML "Amigo" Ivar Jacobson endorses Microsoft tool - Prominent software design guru Ivar Jacobson, one of the three software design founders of the Unified Modeling Language (UML), this week pledged to support Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System. A lightweight approach to design and modeling, as opposed to 'heavy' processes that constrict developers' ability to code, is the ultimate goal of the partnership.
  • Microsoft's back in game with Xbox 360 - Microsoft released its Xbox 360 video- game console across the United States, a machine chairman Bill Gates says will enable the company to wrest control of the US$28 billion (HK$218.4 billion) industry from Sony.
  • Microsoft Opens Office File Formats - Microsoft Corp. has decided to open up its Office file formats and has submitted the formats to be considered for recognition as a formal standard by Ecma International, which will develop the documentation and make it available to the industry.
  • (Time Magazine) 8 Great Xbox 360 Games - The newly released console is high def and high tech. Here's what to play.
  • Enter Key in ASP.NET - One of the common requests in ASP.NET is to submit a form when visitor hit an Enter key.
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