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So I managed to get my “kids“ an Xbox 360 yesterday (I hope they don't read this), solely due to the help of my brother-in-law and his wife who waited in line for me from 10AM to 4PM when I could get there.


I must say that I am not a fan of Wal-mart but they did an excellent job.  The line was mostly orderly, especially toward the front.  They opened AC adapters for people whose DVD players went dead, offered to save your spot while you went for dinner, quickly stopped people trying to “talk” their way into line, etc.  I give them a 9 out of 10.

Only two things went wrong.  First, two people showed up at 3:30AM and were told to leave the store and the first guy in line who got there at 9AM was also told to leave.  He stood his ground and the line started forming, Wal-Mart was forced to concede.  Second, the manager watching the line during the day told everyone they would get a security escort to their car if they wanted one, but when the time came, the night manager said they do not offer that service.  Everyone was on their own.  That could have been a huge lawsuit.

Overall, waiting in line was interesting, especially the last couple of hours when desperate people tried to get into line.  One woman showed up at 10PM and told the manager she called yesterday and was told the line would not form until then.  She wanted Wal-mart to make everyone get out of line so she would have a fair shot.  Yeah, right lady!

Things could have been much worse, the rumors were flying about other stores including these 3.  One Wal-mart had a bomb threat called in 10 minutes to midnight and they were forced to evacuate the store.  Another just 10 miles away did not form their line until 10PM when they announced “Tickets are now available in layaway” and the stampede began.  And finally, the police were sent to Target on the rumor that a Pepsi distributor was making an early delivery and planned on hiding in the store by electronics.

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