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Every year I post all the things that I hope the suckers family and friends in my life will buy for me.  I hope to completely eliminate crap gifts one day.  So here goes:

Most of my items can be found on my and ThinkGeek wish lists.  Amazon has mostly DVDs and Xbox 360 games and ThinkGeek has mostly, well, geek stuff.  But there are three items that did not fit on either list:

  • A wireless surround sound system and receiver for the living room.  All digital, no 900MHz stuff.  That works fine for ambiance music but not games and movies.  This is probably the #1 item on my list.  I have HDTV and no decent sound system, mostly due to the layout of the wide open room not being condusive to running cables.  Sure the home theatre is going strong, but I don't watch TV on the projector.  I had one picked out, but we lost it.  If anyone has recommendations, please add to the comments.
  • Gettopoly, the stolen property fencing game, is next.  I have been asking for this for years but no one has come through.  I guess some people just have morals.
  • And last are Home Cafe Cappuccino Pods.  I can't seem to find this flavor anywhere.  Everyone is sold out, or doesn't carry it.
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