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Meeting Organizer: Okay, we're here to decide on the name for our new music device.

Office Rep:  Microsoft Music Mobile 2006

Organizer: No, No.  We're not going with the standard naming scheme.  We need to be cool.

Windows Rep:  Vista Music Mobile 2006?

Organizer:  No, you're not following me here.  Stay away from all of our previous names.

Marketing:  How about Microsoft iPod.  iPods are cool.

Lawyer: No.

Xbox Rep: XBOXs are cool.  How about the Microsoft xPod?

Lawyer: No.

Organizer:  That would confuse our users anyway.  The device will not play games.

Xbox Rep:  What will it do?

Organizer:  Well, it allows you to share your music with other people.

Lawyer: No.

Organizer:  Wait, we already discussed this.  It is going to share music.

Lawyer: No.

Organizer:  Fine.  What if we lock it down with so much DRM we can say that it shares music, but no one will want to user it.

Lawyer: Maybe.

Organizer:  We're getting off topic here.  Any other suggestions for names.

Marketing:  I know.  Drop the i from iPod, since we can share music, we can call it the Microsoft uPod.  Get it?

Lawyer: No.

Organizer:  We need to stay away from the word Pod completely.

Partner Relations Rep:  Okay, how about the uZen.  We can tell them the u stands for Urge, and say it's a big thank you to our partners.

Organizer:  Yeah, about that.  Well.  Uh.  The device and new music format are not compatible with any of our existing PlaysForSure stuff.

Partner Relations Rep:  Man those guys are going to be mad when they find out they need to build new players and make changes to their stores.

Organizer:  Yeah, about that too.  We're not going to license any of it to them.

(Partner Relations Rep passes out.)

Marketing Rep:  Wait.  So after all the fuss we made about PlaysForSure and signing all these partners and now we are going to screw them over!

Hebrew Regional Manager:  Wow, why don't we just re-arrange the letters in uZen and call it Zune!  That sounds just like ....

Loud murmurs from the crowd:  Zune, yes, Zune.  I like it.

Hebrew Relational Manager:  No wait.

MSN Rep:  Hey, the zune domain name is available!

Hebrew Relational Manager: No wait.

Lawyer:  Yes.

Organizer:  Fine, it's settled.  Zune it is!

Hebrew Relational Manager:  Great.  We're zuned!

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# re: How the Zune got it's name
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haha...that's good stuff!
Left by Tim Hibbard on Nov 06, 2006 9:57 AM

# re: How the Zune got it's name
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Funny :-) I liked it
Left by Apoorv Shrivastava on Nov 06, 2006 10:11 PM

# re: How the Zune got it's name
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LOL :)
Left by IamJunk on Nov 13, 2006 5:48 AM

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