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About a year ago I dumped all my Yahoo service and closed all my accounts with them.  Worst customer service ever.  But I finally found someone worse.  Yahoo 2006.  Yes, they have returned to steal more of my money, time, life.

To read the history on this check out these posts:

We noticed on our most recent credit card statement that Yahoo! billed me $120 to renew my Yahoo! Unlimited Music Subscription To Go even though I called and cancelled almost a year ago.  So I called Yahoo! and told them about their screw up and they said they would correct it.  That was last week.

Yesterday I got a voicemail from Marvin at Yahoo! telling me that they reviewed my account and have determined that they will not give me a refund.  But they would allow me to downgrade my account and give me a partial refund of about $50.

I called back, very angry at this point, and told them I was not asking for a refund, it was a billing error.  Marvin said no, I was having technical problems so I could not get a refund.  No, Marvin, I had technical problems last year.  I cancelled the account.  This is a billing error.

So this went back and forth for several minutes and this is what Marvin said was the problem.

You can not cancel the To Go plan and it is non-refundable under any circumstances.  I should have logged in to my account, downgraded to the standard annual plan, then set the subscription to not auto renew.  Yup.  Even through I called and cancelled my account, because I did not follow the rules that no one bothered to tell me, they auto renewed.  And even though I am on the phone now telling him to cancel my account he refuses to do so.  I told him I knew he was lying about this because I called and cancelled both mine and my wife's account by phone only.  One cancelled, the other didn't.  What I think happened was they only closed the one account by mistake.

After about 20 minutes of Marvin trying to get me to sign up for a different account I gave up and told him I was reporting this as credit card fraud.  That must have made some difference, because then he said he would make a note that I was insisting on a full refund and kick it back up to billing.  But he didn't think it would help and then tried to get me to agree to a downgrade partial refund again.  This jackhole would not give up.  So I did.  I told him I was hanging up and filing a fraud report.  His response is my favorite.  I'm not allowed to file a fraud report because we are trying to work out a deal to give me a partial refund.  I told him I was not filing it with Yahoo! I was filing it with my bank.  Again, he said I was not allowed to.

So my next call was to the credit card company.  Very different response.  They filled the fraud claim, and refunded the money right away.  The CSR didn't think Yahoo! would fight it, but they have that option.  In which case I need to try to dig up a reference number given over the phone almost a year ago.  Hopefully this blog will serve as some sort of receipt.

I hate Yahoo.

If you ever need to yell at Yahoo!, ask for Marvin, and tell them Scott Kuhl sent you.


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# re: Yahoo Still Sucks, Screwing Me, 1 Year Later
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I just upgraded my flickr account to pro...hopefully yahoo doesn't screw me over.
Left by Tim Hibbard on Nov 10, 2006 4:25 PM

# re: Yahoo Still Sucks, Screwing Me, 1 Year Later
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I had the same kind of problems with a hosting account. I actually had to close my bank account and change to a different account in order to get them to stop stealing from me. They are criminals.
Left by Lorin on Nov 11, 2006 9:45 AM

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