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AT&T is trying to get Illinois to change the cable rules to make it easier to enter.  A quick summary:  Cable companies need to negotiate with every single town in order to provide service, AT&T wants to make it a single statewide rule.

Now I know that a lot of hidden agenda is buried on both sides of this argument.  But when was the last time you lived in a town with 2 cable providers?  Right now I can choose between Charter, DirecTV and Dish Network.  So there is competition.  But Verizon and AT&T will bring a leap forward in technology and services that will mostly overshadow what Charter is providing.  I can see that Charter would do everything it can to slow them down.

Advocates of the change say statewide franchising, already adopted by about a dozen states, would help drive down cable rates that have grown more than 90 percent in the last decade nationwide.

And while [cable companies] acknowledges cable prices have risen, they say that's largely because customers now have access to far more channels.

Now I know this is a lie.  Sure the $80 plan may give you more channels, but the same basic cable package I had in the mid 90s cost about $20, now that same package is $55.  Justify that.

I'm also not stupid, I don't expect AT&T or Verizon to come riding in on a white horse with super low prices.  They will be comparable, but over time, pricing will lower and service will improve.  Use ISPs and VOIP as the benchmark.  My internet access and telephone service has only gotten better and cheaper over the years.  And both of those are with Charter, they won my business away from dial-up and AT&T, so there is no reason they couldn't win against AT&T and Verizon, they would just need to try harder.

Cable companies (and satellite companies) have always been slow to compete, but they keep moving forward because there is some competition.  Look how long it took for the Cable Card, and where is any standard for satellite?  And I understand some of these rules were put in place to get cable companies to lay networks to rural areas. But why can't these rules be applied statewide?  Because negotiating thousands of contracts will take a lot longer to complete than 50.  And time is money.

Phone company's cable service bid draws intense debate in Illinois

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I will write a review of AT&T IPTV and fiber elite internet on Wednesday when I get it.

$95.00 = Dish Mid Package
$49.95 = AT&T DSL 6MBPS
$144.95 = Average Bills

$110.00 = AT&T U-verse bill
Left by Jeff Julian on Apr 23, 2007 1:36 AM

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