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It figures that the week after I decide to start blogging more about work that we would have the most chaotic week ever.  Development is an ongoing battle with chaos, and this week, chaos brought a much bigger weapon to the fight.

We do weekly iterations and most weeks we not only meet, but exceed our goals, followed by a push into the test environment.

I debated about how much detail to go into and decided the specifics probably wouldn't interest anyone outside the company.  So here is the high level.  The first 3 days this week all started with "stop the presses" we are changing direction.  Not on the product overall, but on a fairly big piece we were starting to work on.  We made no forward progress and felt like we were moving backwards.

Where do we stand today?  Actually, we are much better off than where we were 1 week ago.  Progress isn't always easy to see.  Write code, deliver code.  Is that progress?  Not when it is the wrong code.  If we kept moving forward, it would have been false progress.

This wasn't a design issue.  More up front architecture and design work really wouldn't have bought us much.  A potential partner made new services available that will require we make changes but overall make our jobs easier and we will reach the end goal faster and in a better position.

What we learned this week is communication and the willingness to stop was far more important than moving forward.  Small companies can adapt quickly because there is no red tape, no decision by committee, and no long sign-offs.

Chaos gave us a swift beating, but its better than a slow death.

I just hope Murphy's Law doesn't kick in on this post too.

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