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May be you are a die hard Microsoft fan, or just another bunch of showbiz talk-lock fella or more better you use some of the Vista features in your application and want that only genuine Microsoft Vista owners apply to your services.

Actually, I wrote this code like a year ago, and now while browsing through my backups, I noted that it lied there uselessly. I never used it but probably any one of ya might want to apply this logic.

This is the usage of the function:

   1: bool valid = new WgaHelper().IsVistaGenuine();

And this my fella, would be the code that verifies it genuinely:

   1: public bool IsVistaGenuine()
   2: {
   3:     bool isGenuine = true;
   5:     if (IsVista)
   6:     {
   7:         Guid guidSlid = new Guid("55c92734-d682-4d71-983e-d6ec3f16059f");
   8:         Windows_SLID windowsSlid = ToGUID(guidSlid);
   9:         try
  10:         {
  11:             GenuineState genuineState = GenuineState.Last;
  12:             uint genuineStateUInt = SLIsGenuineLocal(ref windowsSlid, ref genuineState, IntPtr.Zero);
  14:             if (genuineState != GenuineState.Genuine)
  15:             {
  16:                 isGenuine = false;
  17:             }
  18:         }
  19:         catch (Exception ex)
  20:         {
  21:             Debug.Fail(ex.Message);
  22:         }
  23:     }
  25:     return isGenuine;
  26: }

Explanation to working of the code, I will describe in later, here or maybe on CodeProject (I got no articles there Crying)!

Here are the files, both demo executable and the source code: 

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