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I was pretty excited to try Live Mesh my self that I had to try a workaround to get my hands on it. None the less, the Mesh is an excellent application, but it really didn’t touch my heart.

The main reason for me to disown this is that it doesn’t support remote desktop via a firewall. I had installed Mesh on my Home PC, my Notebooks and then on my Workstation. My company uses both a hardware and software firewall and the Mesh would not connect to it. A bummer!

Anyway, I switched my self back to how I used to work with remote desktops and file collaborating. Here are the alternative approach I used to get things done.

Remote Desktop

I would suggest LogMeIn. This application works great even with firewalls and is totally free. You can access all your computer via a single page and even create shortcuts to directly remote control the computer in just a click.


File Collaboration

I use the Microsoft’s lost love for FolderShare. This can let you access all your files on the remote computer that you have added. Browse the directories, stream media files, access your documents on road. You can also synchronize files between the computers in share.


Online File Storage

I use again Microsoft’s web application SkyDrive to store files online. Though this is one extra task that has to be done because unlike Live Mesh, synchronization of files can’t happen between an online storage device and desktops. Anyway, I readily upload only the important files to the SkyDrive and share those that need a public view.


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