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Dezi is a collection of online media streams (most of them live) that lets one have TV experience via the Internet! I used .NET 3.5 for the development ‘cause of the ‘Media Element’ that comes with it and also I wanted to do something with WPF! So anyways, I will chatter on how I coded the application later, but as for now, the working and usage style is unofficially documented!


The application acquires the channels at startup from a Web Service! For now, most of the channels present on it are the ones broadcasted on Indian networks. I will adding more this weekend – German ones, I dunno, lets see!

I also included the keyboard shortcuts in the application and are worth noting as below:

Key Functionality
(space) Toggles Play/Pause of the media
F Toggles Full Screen to Window mode
S Stops the media from playing
L List the channels available on the server

Install the application by downloading the zip content attached below and then by running the setup.exe. If .NET 3.5 runtime is unavailable on your system, you should download the same from Microsoft located here. Don’t ya worry, it take about 5-7 minutes to install .NET 3.5 framework.


Forward all your comments and suggestions to In about two weeks (i.e. after your feedbacks), I will release the product with support.

Tschüss! :)

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