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Dear Freinds,
 Joe Healy will be in town and he wants to have a get together he calls this gathering A Geek Laager

A laager basically means a circle of wagons pulled together for defensive reasons. The phrase originated in high german, and is now obsolete Afrikaans. has a great definition here ::  .

A geek laager is a circling up of developers (aka geeks) for a short period of time. When I'm in a town for a user group or developer meeting, I try and have informat chats, or laagers, with anyone who wants to drop by. Conversations topics can be varied, as well as the meeting places.

These meetings are also known as devBrainPicks. You get to pick the brains of the resident developers.

This is a non-structured open discussion with no specific topic or speaker, but is simply a round-table discussion group. The idea is for each person to bring a topic. We'll have a hat (or something) we'll pass around. The group will offer up opinions on the topics for up to 5 minutes per person. Then we'll pass the hat. After that open discussion ensues. After all topics are exhausted we will be too. Discussion items can include .NET, the local developer community, systems lifecycle developer, latest toys like a zune or robot, xbox games, et cetera. Bring your laptop if you want to show some code but don't get a soda spilled on it.

This is a buy your own food, buy your own drinks type event. Microsoft won't be picking up the tab for anything. Sorry.

We need to know how many folks are going to show just to avoid a space overrun. Registration limited to the first 50. Please register at the following URL.
Registration site: 
Event Code: 113753

Noted registrants to date:
Shervin Shakibi, MSDN Regional Director, MVP, Microsoft Gold Partner
Joe Healy, Microsoft, Developer Evangelist - Florida

Dave Noderer,, MVP, Microsoft Gold Partner

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# re: Geek Get together - Lauderdale - Dec 6
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Hello Shervin,

I would like to attend the Geek Get together. Would you please let me know where is the location? and what is the time?

Malinda NG

Left by Malinda Ng on Dec 03, 2006 5:57 PM

# re: Geek Get together - Lauderdale - Dec 6
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Thanks for the updated information.
Left by kona coffee on Dec 11, 2010 4:42 AM

# re: Geek Get together - Lauderdale - Dec 6
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Geek Get together, Lauderdale Dec6, they inviting us to their get together, some body can tell where is the exact location of Lauderdale?
Left by joshua on May 18, 2011 6:18 AM

# re: Geek Get together - Lauderdale - Dec 6
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This article want to join us to their geek get together this coming Dec 6, kabbalah center
Left by sam sam on May 19, 2011 9:20 PM

# re: Geek Get together - Lauderdale - Dec 6
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You have made a good work.
My Bloga are: Produtos
Left by Peter on Jun 23, 2011 7:16 AM

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