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Man, this issue has been kicking my butt all day.  We've been working on a SharePoint 2003 upgrade (testing) and got to the final content database.  Life was good up to this point.  110GB of content had upgraded and there were just a few hiccups, mostly related to size.  Then, it came.  The nasty, evil, dispicable:

 Timeout expired.  The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.

Over and Over...

Basically what's happening from what we can tell is SQL Server is choking on the large document library table copy (dbo.doc) and (dbo.docversion).  The temporary database (WSSUS_) log file timesout during autogrowth.  It just can't keep up with the upgrade.

I'm trying again...this time I've set the autogrowth to grow by MB instead of percentage.  This is a tricky to get set simply because this database isn't created until the process starts.


The solution turned out to be relatively simple.  I grew the transaction log for the WSSUS_ database to 70GB which effectively stoped the autogrow thrashing.  After doing this, the process completed as expected.  The trick is that you have to run the script:

The catch is that you have to run it after the WSSUS database has been created.  I simply watched in Managment Studio until I saw the database in the list and ran the script.  It took 13 minutes for my hardward to execute the query.


DATABASE [WSSUP_Temp_675cfeec-6d15-414a-aae2-a3deabbbf01b] MODIFY FILE ( NAME = N'WSSUP_Temp_675cfeec-6d15-414a-aae2-a3deabbbf01b_log', SIZE = 73400320KB , FILEGROWTH = 10240KB )

We also changed the default file location to a local disk rather than a SAN connected volume.  This may have had some impact, but did not solve the problem.

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