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From The Silverlight Blog:

Microsoft announced it will bring Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) recognized rich media technologies including Silverlight to Xbox LIVE within the next year

From Pete Brown’s Blog:

Pete Brown demonstrates how to bind to a UI element, with the example being a character count for a textbox.

From Laurent Bugnion’s Blog:

Laurent Bugnion has put together a toolkit that allows for easier MVVM development in WPF and Silverlight applications.

From Ian Blackburn’s Blog:

Ian Blackburn discussed how Silverlight 3 can be used to push data from the server with a Duplex WCF service.

From Nigel Sampson’s Blog:

Nigel shows how to use a Double Click Trigger, as a Silverlight or WCF behavior, within Microsoft Expression Blend.

From Mike Taulty’s Blog:

Wintellect has published a whitepaper outlining the differences between WPF and Silverlight

From The Silverlight Blog:

The Silverlight team discusses what Expression actually is and gives a useful history on the conception of each of the products within.

From Tim Heuer’s Blog:

Tim shows the techniques for keeping your Silverlight 2 applications compatible with Silverlight 3 with the upcoming release.

From David Yack’s Blog:

David talks about how to track down invalid property errors when using .NET RIA Services DomainDataSource controls.

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