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It’s only been about 9 months since Silverlight 2 was released in October 2008, we are nearing the release of Silverlight 3, and already the momentum is building for Silverlight 4.  A thread recently has been started on the Silverlight forum to capture people’s wish list.  You can read the full forum thread here and add on your own wishes.  

I’m preparing to finish writing part of a chapter that talks about “The Road Ahead” for our soon to be released Silverlight 3 book so I had some help pulling together a summary of what people are asking for already as of today.  The following is just a snapshot but thought you might find it interesting if you didn’t have time to read the long forum list – The top 10 or so on the list all had multiple people requesting those items.

Printing support
Right-click context menus
Host HTML content
Better shaders
Better mouse support
Fix WriteableBitmap
Mic support
Better LocalMessage APIs
Better File IO Support
Full 3D w/GPU acceleration
WebCam support
Concurrent release on Linux
Audio streaming
Chrome in OOB applications
Deep linking/Navigation in OOB apps
Reconsider OOB model
Export UI as bitmap
Complete source code for controls
Better Unit Testing
Text right to left
Mobile support
Better tables (merge columns and such)
Copy text from a textblock
Make TCP/IP compatible w/Flash
SQL reports
Expose PixelShader.SetStreamSource()
Improve rendering performance
Tweening/morphing support
Intellisense in XAML for Blend
Animated images
Pop-up Silverlight windows
Faster Silverlight windowless mode
Silverlight as ActiveX control
Better compression
Custom Open/Save file dialogs
Complete DX10 support
Silverlight apps directly installed OOB
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