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what an annoying bug in this IE8 beta 2?
I just installed IE8 beta 2 from the dreamspark dvd(MS program for students).and guess what the IE based application start throwing "Win 32 unhandled exception :Memory access violation etc etc last code as something 00005"...
The affected programs included all that use IE.
Includes windows media player and IE 8 itself.
the reason was something to do with navigation.

When i clicked on Radio in WMP,it was ok,then i clicked Online store and it crashed with that exception.
Everything got usual when i unstalled it used the old IE 6 browser..Anyone aware of this.

This bug has caused some serious issues  while using web browser control in my application.
Well i had created a small thin tabbed browser based on web browser control in WPF ,so i can try to provide some skinning and custom plugin system for it and then can reuse that code in my next genration media player(code name "MJ").
I attached a button click event to this:    

wher url is a valid Uri.
now when i clicked on that button first time it was fine,

when i clicked it again,the same exception occured.

So that has to do something with calling that,basically the same thing under the hood with all applications i believe  like WMP.
         Is i am missing any update?
Any other with same problem?
Well i have restored to previous browser ie6 and everything works fine..

  FYI:  My laptop is running XP SP2. Posted on Saturday, April 4, 2009 6:39 PM .Net | Back to top

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IE 8 Final is out. Just go to to download.


Left by ET on Apr 08, 2009 8:08 AM

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