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Hey all,
I can't imagine how easy it can be to develop and maintain a plugin architecture with System.AddIn and this tool
VSPipelineBuilder.. This is a visual studio addIn is an open source  project by the ClrAddIn team and is really awesome.

U just define an interface/Contract and rest of the things, just a single click through that addIn.
AddIn will implement that  Interface and thats it,u can use it..Cheers .........

I used it for first defining a single interface .and implemented a small AddIn.
then i added 2-3 interfaces and re executed that VSPipeline Builder AddIn..And it was awesome to see that every project in The Pipeline(4-5 projects) got updated accordingly.My old AddIn was still working  becoz its contract was still there..
And iwas ready to implement new AddIns..Really great...It can save a lot of time when u have a lot of contracts to support various plugins/AddIns.
Below is a screenshot of an excellent demo app from jesse kaplan:

It demonstrates visual addIn also(Passing UI objects between AddIn and host)
ClrAddIn Team blogs at:

U can download the VSPipeline Builder from here:

Cheers,And thanx to Jesse kaplan and the whole ClrAddIn team.
Posted on Tuesday, April 14, 2009 5:53 AM .Net , WPF , C# , MAF | Back to top

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the work is adorable and i think it's quite interesting toknow this.
Left by ZK@Web Marketing Blog on Jul 14, 2009 12:15 AM

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