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Having just finished my masters exams for semester 1, I am planning to blog a little more! I am only doing the masters part time over two years so a fair way to go yet but none the less, it's one of my points for being a better developer in done.

The semester 1 modules of OO Design and development (Java and UML) and Software engineering concepts threw up some interesting hurdles, like Netbeans and Java (I hope to get back to learn more about Java, but perhaps away from Netbeans!), SE concepts really sparked of some new ways of thinking about software engineering, the process, the impact, the future. It was cool, I didn't think I would but I really got into that module...I recommend any self-starter developers(and anyone else!) to get some books on the concepts behind SE, it really gets you thinking. Ian Sommerville is the daddy and has written some of the most popular books on the subject...a quick Amazon search will bring up some results...

Semester 2 brings another two modules, Component based software engineering and Advanced Databases. CBSE is going to be fun and certainly looking forward to, as we adopt this methodology at work, or at least try to within the uni's fairly constrained boundaries of understanding. Databases are a fact of life for any developer, love then or hate them, they are going to be part of the bread and butter of development for some time I think! So any more info that can be fed into my brain has got to be a plus! (I'm just concerned what's gonna fall out to make space!!)

All this has restricted my extra-curricula projects, which has been a bit shit, but worth it in the end..right?!?


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