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Although new to all this MOSS stuff I am getting stuck in with the Content Query Web Part (CQWP) and XSL.  They are a pretty powerful combination, but pretty soon I could see how this could become slightly wild and considering ListStyles.xsl is an "out of the box" file, getting crazy with custom files could become more of a problem than simply a huge file. 

Check out these two posts on how to manage custom styles.

1. Liam (Sharepoint MVP here in the UK) posts about editing the ListStyles.xsl, but only to add import statements to your own custom csl files.

2. Brendon Swartz post about how to create a new CQWP instance by exporting the default one, editing the webparts xml definition by adding a statement to reference your custom xsl file.

I guess it comes down to whether you are happy, or even able to edit the ListStyles.xsl file, number 1 is certainly the easiest route and my choice, but I can see value in having a CQWP instance for each style.  I certainly am no fan of big changes in OOTB files, granularity is good :)


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