October 2011 Entries
Dallas GiveCamp Oct 2011

74 Developers, 13 Charities helped, 0 slices of pizza served.

GiveCamp is a national organization to help people organize development events for charity.  Dallas GiveCamp is one of those events where Developers give back by building websites or solutions for charity.

This years Dallas GiveCamp was held at CTRECH Hilton.  With classrooms and whiteboards available to each charity group individually, we had the most hours worked on site that I have seen in past years.  Many people where here all night working on their Charities and second shifts showed up early.  The coffee was hot and Debbie kept a stocked kitchen open all weekend!! 

Some groups set up their own oasis complete with smoothie service


Some groups hired armed guards to keep the bugs away


Some groups tapped into a little witchcraft with help from pigs and Indiana Jones


Over all, it was a fantastic and very successful weekend that couldn’t have happened without the dedication of the volunteers, charities, sponsors and Shawn Weisfeld with UserGroup TV.





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