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Yesterday I start writing Simple BizTalk Server 2006 application on Windows 2003 with SQL Server 2005. In have two databases in SQL Server source database name is CustomerSource and destination database name is CustomerDestination and both have same tables in term of their schemas, but their names are different like Customers and 2006Customers in my destination database. My BTS application does a very simple job its fetch all records from Customers table by using the simple query. "Select * from Customers for xml auto" and put that records in the destination database table. I build, deploy and configure the application. When I start the application I found the following error in my Event Viewer. Here one thing that I also want to share with you is that my destination table works fine when I connect it from native application.

Fig 1. SQL Adapter Failed.

How Can I Resolve This Problem?

I rename my destination table from 2006Customers to tbCustomers and try again and this time no error has been come and application perform its job. If anyone face the same problem that I had faced so please share it’s with me should leave comments.

Posted on Saturday, September 22, 2007 6:51 PM Microsoft Servers | Back to top

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