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The .gitignore file contains rules for what files and folders to exclude from git source control. When you use NuGet you don’t want the binaries retrieved by NuGet to be included into your git repository. The binaries (and other files) from a NuGet package is downloaded into a folder named packages by default. You need to add some rules to the gitignore file to exclude this folder from the repository. Visual Studio comes with a standard gitignore file. Althought this file contains a Nuget section, ......

Download tool Updated 3.July 2014: Corrected pattern for NuGet, details in this blogpost. (IFix is in progress to be updated too, version 1.1 will have these fixes) Is there anything wrong with the built-in Visual Studio gitignore ???? Yes, there is ! First, some background: When you set up a git repo, it should be small and not contain anything not really needed. One thing you should not have in your git repo is binary files. These binary files may come from two sources, one is the output files, ......