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Why I love Leanpub for getting my books to readers
There is some discussion going on, if/when using Leanpub is the right choice for a budding (or even established) author. Some contributions you may want to read include: Why Don’t I Use Leanpub by Management 3.0 author Jurgen Appelo Why Don’t I Use Leanpub? by Leanpub co-founder Peter Armstrong Why do I use Leanpub? by Leanpub “bestselling author” Simon Brown Much has been already said. So why add another article to the discussion? Because I feel there´s something missing. Some kind of systematic ......

Posted On Saturday, August 30, 2014 7:10 PM | Comments (1) |

The Incremental Architect´s Napkin - #6 - Branch flows for alternative processing
Confronted with an Entry Point into your software don´t start coding right away. Instead think about how the functionality should be structured. Into which processing steps can you partition the scope? What should be doen first, what comes next, what then, what finally. Devise a flow of data. Think of it as an assembly line. Some raw input plus possibly some additional material is transformed into shiny output data (or some side effect fireworks). Here is the Flow Design of the de-duplication example ......

Posted On Saturday, August 30, 2014 11:26 AM | Comments (2) | Filed Under [ The Incremental Architect´s Napkin ]

The Incremental Architect’s Napkin - #5 - Design functions for extensibility and readability
The functionality of programs is entered via Entry Points. So what we´re talking about when designing software is a bunch of functions handling the requests represented by and flowing in through those Entry Points. Designing software thus consists of at least three phases: Analyzing the requirements to find the Entry Points and their signatures Designing the functionality to be executed when those Entry Points get triggered Implementing the functionality according to the design aka coding I presume, ......

Posted On Sunday, August 24, 2014 10:08 AM | Comments (4) | Filed Under [ The Incremental Architect´s Napkin ]

Abstracting functionality
What is more important than data? Functionality. Yes, I strongly believe we should switch to a functionality over data mindset in programming. Or actually switch back to it. Focus on functionality Functionality once was at the core of software development. Back when algorithms were the first thing you heard about in CS classes. Sure, data structures, too, were important - but always from the point of view of algorithms. (Niklaus Wirth gave one of his books the title “Algorithms + Data Structures” ......

Posted On Friday, August 22, 2014 8:59 AM | Comments (4) | Filed Under [ Software design ]

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