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Automation vs. Manual: Figuring things out
We are currently in the process of moving out of the Dark Ages testing-wise at my company. Up until recently we relied on heavy domain knowledge and Excel spreadsheets to track our testing efforts. We have had TestDirector for some time, but really only used it for defect tracking, and didn't keep our test plans/tests in it. Since I've come aboard and started working on automation, there has been a drive to use TD in the way intended.

There has been some very strong resistance from certain parts of the team. The argument is that our web shop is too dynamic to make it worthwhile. Sort of expecting us to have to update the tests so often that they aren't germane too long. Basically, there is a resistance to placing some of the domain knowledge people have in a central respository.

We also are trying to institute standard procedures for repeatable steps, which suits me fine. I can write automation scripts that are much more reusable that way...not to mention far easier to maintain. What's funny is that the manual team loves the concept of automation...until I told them that they would have to maintain the design steps. Suddenly, no one has any time. :-)

Also, I am trying to setup a site for my World of Warcraft (Brotherhood of the Tree on Dalaran) guild to access and share information. Basically, we need a central repository for storing and updating documents that provide information on our various guild activities, profession lists, etc. I am considering a couple of options, and would appreciate any advice anyone could give:
Option #1: Sharepoint: This by far is simpler than anything else to setup and administer, but it doesn't give a lot of custom functionality as easily as some other options, especially my second one (see below).

Option #2: DNN site. Now, I like this one simply cause I like DNN so much and for its ability to be seriously modded and customized. It's a bit harder to work with and has a longer spin up time, but it has tremendous flexibility.

I'd heard that Sharepoint doesn't really like being used across the internet as much as it does an intranet. Anyone have an opinion on that?

Posted on Tuesday, February 28, 2006 2:49 PM | Back to top

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# re: Automation vs. Manual: Figuring things out. Sharepoint vs. DNN
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Your post reminds of the many, many, many (did I mention "many"?) situations wherein a tool is purchased to solve process problems. But I digress...

My company uses WSS with Internet as well as intranet access and it works fine. In fact, we're a "virtual" company so we're not really in the office that much. Yeah, we have VPN but not always in a place to get it going. I don't notice any changes at all in performance, functionality, etc.

I can see what you mean about DDN and customization. However, given the situation in your company, it seems like you would want to avoid, rather than embrace, that option.

I don't know what you're looking for in terms of custom functionality. Maybe if you expound on that we can chat some more about how WSS can help. Anyway, my not-so-humble opinion...
Left by Codesailor on Feb 28, 2006 4:41 PM

# re: Automation vs. Manual: Figuring things out. Sharepoint vs. DNN
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Thanks for the input, B. Yeah, DNN is definitely more flexible. I think if I can get SP up and running first, I'll see if we can get buy in something more like DNN afterwards.

You are so right about process tools. It's interesting that everyone loves the new process until it's time to use it....

Left by Theo Moore on Feb 28, 2006 6:54 PM

# what is the difference between quality and testing ,is this terminology variation
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1:What is major differencebetween ECP and BVA?

2:How is it known that where in testing we are using these two ?

3:If example sorted ,where in blackbox testing particular cases it is used it would be better?
Left by D.Mamta on Nov 29, 2006 12:44 AM

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