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I apologize for the non-professional post, but I felt I had to express this....

I ordered a new case for my Jackson DK2 from American Musical Supply. Got a great deal, but elected to get ground shipping to save a few bucks. AMS sent it FedEx ground, which should be fine. We've received packages from FedEx here many times.

Well, apparently the driver couldn't find the house (and posted this information as of 8:34 PM...I find this highly doubtful since so many other drivers found us just fine). So, I dutifully picked up the phone to ask FedEx to hold the package and let me pick it up. Not a big deal, I thought, since UPS lets me do this sometimes rather than miss the delivery or whatever.

FedEx apparently won't do this for ground shipments until the delivery has been attempted 3 times. However, they wait a minimum of 2 days between attempts! I have to wait until the 10th to find out if the driver can even follow the directions I gave them. It's not tough: 2 rights, 2 lefts, one right, one left from I-77 and you're there. Not even 4 miles from the Interstate. If he can't find it, I get to wait the obligatory 2 more days, give even more information on how to get here and hope he finds it then. After 2 more days to attempt, I can finally pick-it up from FedEx. However, if I don't make their window to pick it up, they will ship it back to AMS!!!

Save yourself a lot of trouble: Don't use FedEx ground. Pay the extra bucks, or just use UPS....


I almost forgot to mention that when you call FedEx, press “0” if you want to speak to someone. They have one of those “Say what you'd like to do” kind of phone answering systems. However, this information is not to be found on the website, and it never offered in the menus. Figures.

Posted on Thursday, July 6, 2006 7:40 PM | Back to top

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We have ne.ver had much luc.k with F.e.d.E.x but our U.P.S. dri.ver is awe.some.

She even us her pri.vate num.ber so we can con.tact her and the tr.uck when we a ship.ment.

(please ign.ore all the ex.tra per.iods... this is my 19th att.empt at pos.ting this co.mment. the GWB fil.ter is appa.rently strap.ped on too t.ight.)
Left by Blogus on Jul 14, 2006 10:08 AM

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