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My fiance' has been recently hired on to write lesson plans and educational materials at a company here locally. Part of their existing suite is written in Flash to create their web content. Since most of their people work out of state, the bulk of their training will be on the web.

My fiance' is brilliant to be sure, but she's not a code monkey (like me). The sales people who are demo'ing their LMS for her (she has to pick one) are all telling her that Authorware/Flash requires almost a Master's in CS to understand she should buy their simpler (read as: weaker) product in addition to the LMS.

So, here's the question: Does anyone have an opinion on the learning curve for Authorware/Flash, and is it something she could learn from a book (with my help)? Does anyone have any suggestion on a book or training program?


Posted on Tuesday, July 18, 2006 9:07 AM | Back to top

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I used both of them long time ago...

Authorware was simple during that time. Actually I never required anything more than the Help documents that came with Authorware. No idea about how advanced the software is now.

I used Flash with a bit of action script in combination with ASP. So, you can say I used to code quite a bit in flash, not for animation but for data manipulation. It was easy, but again I am talking about simpler times.

However, on a whole I would say, if you are a 'code monkey' as suggested by yourself and are familiar with any of the above tools to certain extend, then you can do it on your own!

Left by Partha on Jul 18, 2006 11:18 AM

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