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Well, it's done. South Carolina Code Camp 2.0 is complete, and it qualifies as a complete success. I am just now home from Greenville via band practice, and it's late. As such, I am going to keep this as brief as I can.

I wanted to thank Paul and Chris for making the camp a success. They worked very hard to arrange things, and get everything lined up for us. They provided the structure that enabled we speakers to come and focus on speaking.

Thank you to Denise for handling the volunteers, you were awesome!

Also, thank you to Melynda for your time; the food was great, and you were fantasitc as ever.

I ended up doing both of my sessions as planned, and I had a great time. Lou Vega and I did a composite session on NETCF game dev, and it was fantasitc. Always a pleasure, Lou. Let me know when we can do it again.

I also got to meet the GWB folks; way cool to meet you guys and look forward to seeing you again sometime! And, where or where, can I get one of those cool as heck t-shirts?!?!

Ok, on that note I am outta here and off to bed. Thanks to everyone for the honour and privledge of your company, and the opportunity to speak.

Posted on Sunday, September 17, 2006 6:06 PM | Back to top

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