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Theo Moore Questions... Morphology? Longevity? Incept dates?

Well, here I am at the 100th post on my blog. It's taken me over a year to get here, sticking to interesting (I hope), meaningful posts. I didn't pad my posts with just anything that occurred to me. No, I tried to limit myself to real questions, topics, and answers. As a result, I have been trying to find something significant, powerful, or interesting to say for my 100th. So far, I've had very litte luck with it.

So, instead, I am just simply going to pat myself on the back for a good job well done, and move on.

Yay me, and post number 100. :-)

Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2006 1:58 PM | Back to top

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# re: The 100th Post!!!!!!
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Well... Hot diggity damn, neighbor!

Congrats Theo!
Left by Blogus F'n Maximus on Sep 29, 2006 5:26 AM

# re: The 100th Post!!!!!!
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'Sanks, boss. :-)
Left by Theo Moore on Sep 29, 2006 5:28 AM

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