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First, let me tell you that I am not someone who uses support very much. Years ago, I worked in a cell center supporting a software product. I used to grouse that the larger percentage of those people to whom I talked weren't very savvy (read as: seemed to be idiots), it drove me nuts. That said, I did talk occassionally to someone with some skills who tried all the easy stuff first, and I honestly loved those calls. Fun to figure out, like a puzzle. I never minded the time to help someone who at least attempted to help themselves. As a result of my experience, I try hard to be one of this smaller, latter group.

So, I wasn't as upset as some folks were when the rewards program was taken away. I didn't get my Mercury branded wheelie bag, but hey, no biggie (I did get coupla shirts and a USB hub...yay, me!). And no, I wasn't one of those “me, too!” people who posted for points. There has been a recent buzz on the forums lately that the loss of expert traffic on the forums has hurt the effectiveness of that service. I tend to agree; few experts go there anymore.

In light of this, Mercury has made a rather questionable move: they will no longer take support calls to resolve issues! All service requests must be submitted via the web “in order to be more efficient”. I've tried communicating with them via the web; it's an exercise in frustration. I hope they improve the quality of the experience. Supposedly, once the issue is submitted, they will use all forms of communication, including telephone, to resolve the issues. Yeah, right....don't hold yer breath.

I don't mean to come down hard on Mercury, but I just don't get these changes in their policy.

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