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I had the pleasure the other evening of speaking at the GCNUG monthly meeting on unit testing with the VSTS tools. The members were most gracious, and they didn't throw anything fatal. :-)

Anyway, I was thinking about something wilst writing my presentation: why is it that the unit testing tools are only available with the VSTS? Now, I can see why the load testing and web testing tools shouldn't be available in the Professional edition, but why not the unit tools? I mean, nUnit is a great tool and the guys who wrote it (and the unit testing portion of the VSTS, also) have promised the next version will be even better, but doesn't it make sense to provide that tool to devs? Just my two cents.

Lou and his family were kind enough to host us while we (Sheri and I) were in town. Lou cooks a mean piece of salmon, just in case you were wondering. :-) Sheri and I made a brief vacation of it, and drove around Chasn checking it out. We haven't been there in like forever, so it was fanatastic to see how it changed.

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Glad to have you back @ GCNUG Theo :)
Glad to see also that you didn't find it too weird going back *there*...
Left by Lou on Nov 14, 2006 6:44 PM

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