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Let me say it very, very simply:

This is the absolutely best James Bond movie I have ever seen.

Believe me, this was a painful thing to say, given that I am a big fan of the genre. Not like Batman (as those who know me know I am a rabid Bats fan), but I've loved and watched the Bond movies for years.

But, much like Batman, Bond has become a little too derivative of itself over the years, yet he always seems to be a little too Bond, you know? I've always enjoyed it, but I must confess it has lost a little of its luster over the years.

This Bond is to the old Bond what Chrisitan Bale's Bats is to Clooney's. This is the Bond that I have always wanted to see. I won't tell you much more other than to say that the movie is intense as heck from the get go, and never stops. There are moments where you will likely forget that you in a theatre and not seeing it right

A bunch of us left work early to see it yesterday, and I am taking Sheri to see it today.

And you know what?

I can hardly wait.....

Posted on Saturday, November 18, 2006 10:01 AM | Back to top

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