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Our QA team has a potluck every year at this for Christmas. Ok, I don't really like to participate, but I usually do. I complain about it a lot since I don't like the clear and obvious pressure to participate...but I do. This year, I tried out a new recipe, so it's at least an opportunity for new thoughts on my cooking.

Our VP has invited people from all over the company to come and eat, but they didn't bring anything. So, now there will be a mad scramble to get anything to eat before the "others" clean us out. He does this every year;, and every year we ask him not to do it. He sees this as a great chance to schmooze the other teams (business, WebOps, etc).

I don't cook for the other teams, and I don't plan on people more than sign up. Everyone else does, also.

This really, really pisses me off. Next time I go to Five Guys for a burger, I'll be sure to let our VP know so he can invite the other teams to share it.

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