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After many weeks of interviews, preparation, and such...I am finally onsite at the client. This seems like a good place to be. The client is motivated, but not to the point of running the employees down. The timelines are established, but flexible to some degree. We are doing pair programming, which is a little new to me. I've read about it, and I am not opposed to it, of course. I'll be curious to see how it works.

I haven't met with the client "person in charge" but I expect that to happen at some point today. I am anxious to get a holistic view of everything here and understand what we're doing. I know basically what we're doing (writing a .Net/CSLA port of a legacy app written in powerbuilder), but very little about the structure. It's a small shop, but a focused one. I like it so far.

More on this as things progress....

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