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Ok, let me start off by saying that I like MS stuff. No really, I mean that. Is it perfect? No, of course not. Some of it is very, very good, however, and worthy of appreciation. Some of it is even fantastic. I'll certainly accept that not everyone likes it, nor would I expect this would be any other way. I work in all day, most everyday, and make my living writing code for their products in their development tools. Does this make me biased? Maybe, but I am not sure. I do find it interesting that I fell obligated to explain my thoughts on all things MS before I post the rest of this.....

Despite my appreciation for MS tools, though, I do like non-MS stuff, too. As a user (and consultant) I try to be familiar with a variety of products and approaches to solve problems. Even I do not personally use them, my clients might. Additionally, me, the non-consultant hasn't always the means (read as: money) to have access to the best of hardware and software. I look for open source or freeware myself.

I have recently found one I absolutely love. It is Instiki. This wiki software runs on Ruby-on-rails, and it pretty slick. Install took no time, and I am becoming familiar with it's workings. Best part, it runs on my whimpy home server no problem. I have been using it lately to be like a traveling notepad, where I log in wherever I am to make notes and such. Sure, I could do that on my local machine, but I am not always on my local machine. I can, and do, use Google notepad, but this is nice 'cause it's actually on my network at home. If you have any use of such a thing, I recommend giving it a look.

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