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I've been using this for a couple of weeks now, and I must say, I like it a lot. It does a great job of refactoring/formatting SQL files. It does a bit more than that, however.

I was playing with the Smart Rename function and I really like it. It allows smart renaming of DB tables, and generates a script that will do the work for you....what constraints to drop, what procs to change, etc. Pretty darn clever. For grins, I renamed the Products table in the Northwind sample db. It generated the 449 lines of SQL code that would be necessary to complete the task. Not bad.

The Split Table tool does something similar, letting you split tables into smaller pieces. It also corrects all the db objects to reference the changed table correctly. Prettly slick. I split the Products table, and the tool generated the 534 lines for me in less than a minute. Sweet!

More on this as I use it more....

I also received my welcome pack from the Friends of RedGate program. Very nice! I wasn't expecting anything, so it was very cool to get some nice stuff to welcome me into the program. If you've never looked at it before, it's a pretty cool program. Posted on Sunday, May 27, 2007 10:49 PM | Back to top

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