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I am well on my voyage into C#. So far, not too bad. I was sent this comparison page (Thanks, MattP) that has made the transition fairly easy.


However, C# does have a few quirks to which I am getting used. Most notably, I am fighting with the intellisense all the time. I think it's funny. I am used to VB which is pretty forgiving about stuff. I'll actually be mid-line in VB and think "Shucks! Forgot something". I can usually just go fix whatever. C# seems to really hate when I do that. The intellisense keeps trying desperately to figure out what my poorly organized human mind is trying to do. 'Course, I change it and try to go again...and intellisense dutifully tries to save me from myself. If it could send me little electric shocks (I originally typed eclectic shocks, but that's a totally different thing altogether and beyond the scope of this post) to keep me from doing that, I think it would.


Wonder if that would be useful VS plugin for we VB/would-be C# developers......

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