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For the record, I got the version for the Wii.


So far, I really love the game. It's pretty slick, and very well produced. The song selection is good, but quite a bit older than I would have expected (lots of 70s era tunes). However, there are some things that seem worth noting in particular:

1) The game is very precise. The PS2 version would allow you to be a bit sloppy on your timing. Much more sensitive is the Wii GHIII.

2) The easy mode (I always start here) now has an encore.

3) The Boss Battles (I've only battled Moreno so far) are....well, rather arcadey. I know, that makes no sense given that it's a game. I am not convinced this really adds much to the game, but it is certainly inventive. The encore I got after unlocking Moreno was wickedly cool (Rage Against The Machine).

4) The Wii guitar is wireless by default, but seems to me that operating the controller in this way (to start the game, etc) seems a bit..well...awkward.The wireless is pretty good, though.

5) There are *tons* of things to unlock in the shop this time around.

6) The guitar player no longer seems to following the song as much with regards to the hand placement, etc. Guess you wouldn't even notice if you're not a musician.

7) With the Wii version the ugly off-key flubbed note played when you mess up comes out the Wii controller speaker at your side, not the one on the TV. This is quite a courtesy to your listeners (if you aren't so good, anyway).


So, overall, I like the game, and going love it for some time. More on it as I get farther in it.

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