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Theo Moore Questions... Morphology? Longevity? Incept dates?

No, seriously.

If you were expecting a punchline, there isn't one.

Gaiman (named for the author of the same name) is getting a little old, and as a result, is getting "a touch of the rheumatiz". Basically, his back and hips are getting arthritic. Poor guy. We are giving him a glucosomine/chondroiton power blend in his food to help him. It does work, but every now and then, he has to go to the doc, who gives him a script for Prednisone (sic) to reduce the swelling.

Really hurts me to see him suffer. He's been my buddy for many, many best recollection is something on the neighborhood of 13 or 14 years. That's like 10,000 years old in cat years. His vet refers to him as being a "geriatric feline".

However, every now and then, he steps wrong and his back tweaks. When it does, he turns around and hisses at his butt. Whilst I hate that he's in pain, the resulting confusion on his face when he turns around and nothing is there is simply hilarious. I thought he was going to kick his own fanny the other night. Not sure what his bottom has done to make him mad, but by golly, he wants his bottom to stop and it better do it right now!

The PETA folks are no doubt boarding their hybrid mini-vans to come get me even as I type this.

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