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Ever work one of those "This an Agile project to speed up getting features to production" type projects?

'Course we have; ain't we all?

The one I am currently assigned to is like this.

Trouble is that it ain't agile. If by the term agile you mean flying by the seat of your pants, coding while business is still working out what they want to see, giving QA little lead time, and clinging firmly to a release date regardless of the state of the product at the time of release, then this might be agile. Seems to me that the agile we use on this project means "code and load".

I've heard one of the devs call it a JGID project rather than Agile. One of my fellow testers asked me what development style that was.

I was sad to have to tell him it meant "Just get it done".

One of the Dev managers described this project in the context of an F-15 crashing into the flight deck of an aircraft carrier (he's ex-Navy, I think..definitely Airedale). He describes us all standing by with fire extinguishers, with 4 arresting cables, and a helocopter in the air just in case. The plane is coming in one way or another, and we have to just make sure we are prepared to deal with the damage. I know I must have had a look of shock on my face when he told us, as he stared at me for a few seconds after using the analogy.

This project is going to take lots of heroics from the dev and qa teams to pull off. Wish us luck. Can we do it? I sure hope so.

Now, anyone seen my OBA?

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I've seen this too; agile = CMM level 1. I used to get stressed by level 1 projects, but not anymore. Just keep in mind that you're not the reason things are all screwed up. Do the best you can, always be a gentleman, and make sure your skills are super sharp.
Left by David Douglass on Jan 23, 2008 8:39 PM

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Sadly, I had someone try to convince me the other day that JGID is Agile. I feel your pain...
Left by Chris Eargle on Jan 24, 2008 10:21 AM

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very cool.
Left by forum on Apr 10, 2008 6:37 AM

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