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Theo Moore Questions... Morphology? Longevity? Incept dates?

Looks like I am going to be presenting at the Roanoke Code Camp this year with my old buddy, Lou. We have been asked to do a revision of the "Lou and Theo Show" on Mobile Development in VS2008. We are going to road trip up there.  Should be a lot of fun! I am very excited to go. Code Camps are a great way to network with other developers and share knowledge.'s FREE!

So, if you're in the area, go sign up now and we'll see you there.


Did I mention it's FREE?


Posted on Saturday, January 26, 2008 10:22 AM | Back to top

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# re: Roanoke Code Camp 2008
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I'm presenting there too. Do you want to carpool?
Left by Chris Eargle on Jan 27, 2008 12:59 PM

# re: Roanoke Code Camp 2008
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Looking forward to seeing you in MY home town. Woohoo almost 4 years since I've been home. So much to do!
Left by Blogus Maximus on Feb 04, 2008 2:52 AM

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