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I've been a metal fan for years. I've seen Priest a few times in the 80s, and those were some fantastic shows. I'll be a fan, I suspect, forever. I've waited eagerly for the the follow-up to the very good, solid Angel of Retribution CD. Nostradamus came out and I got it. I mean I actually went to BestBuy and bought it rather than waited for the release on Napster. I listened to it intently, and surged with joy....

Until the music actually started.

This is possibly the worst Priest CD ever. It is the most over the top, self-indulgent tripe I've heard in a long time. During the first tune ("Nostradamus"), the band breaks into singing the name ad infinitum. I immediately thought of the 3 foot tall druids from Spinal Tap, with the small Stonehenge. I still can't shake that image. Believe me, it is that bad. If that were the only track like that, well, that would acceptable. However, it is two CDs full of the same boring, arrogant stuff.

I mean, Manowar has some seriously over the top, airy stuff (still heavy of course), but that stuff is great.

And this new Priest CD is not. :-( Posted on Tuesday, June 24, 2008 5:24 PM | Back to top

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