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I recently upgraded one of my lab machines to 9.5 to check out the new Delphi plug-in for QTP. I created a test in 9.5, and tried to open it in 9.2 later. I got the following:

I've already run the patch to enable 9.2 to read 9.5 files (available on Hp site), so that's not likely the problem. I like my checkpoints to be in code rather than rely on QTP to manage them. If this test was crucial and you'd upgraded, you'd be in for some painful re-work to get it going. It's also why I prefer to use descriptive programming for object recognition as much as possible, too.

Now, I know, I know....if you've upgraded to 9.5, then you shouldn't be using 9.2 so who cares. My point isn't that you shouldn't upgrade, but rather it is a good idea to write your tests independent of QTP's native functionality when possible.

More on 9.5 to come... Posted on Wednesday, July 2, 2008 4:01 PM | Back to top

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