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Recently, I was running Quality Center on a machine that was acting a little strange. I decided to wipe the QC install and force a download of new DLLs.

Interestingly, TrendMicro (virus library updated 07/09/2005) reported that MercResourceLoader.dll contained the PAK_Generic.001 virus.

Immediately, I ran a full scan of my machine and turned up nothing. I wiped the QC folder again to force yet another D/L, and got the same real-time scanning message. Re-ran full system scan; nothing found.

Not sure what this means, but I am less worried now that the full scan has turned up nothing so far. I suspect that TrendMicro's new virus definitions have incorrectly tagged this file. I will continue running a full scan often for awhile. I'll post an update if I find out anything more. Posted on Thursday, July 10, 2008 10:53 AM | Back to top

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