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Some of you who now me are most likely thinking Sheri and I are pregnant.

Not yet, although we are still not not trying.

No, the new addition is my new laptop. It is a Dell XPS-M1730.

My old machine is getting a little old, and is to the point I can no longer maintain spending money on it. It's been a great machine, and was worth all the money I paid. Thank you, Blackbaud computer subsidy! However, it was just time.

My kids have graduated from school, and we wanted to get them both laptops. Being a Dell fan, that's what we got them. Lovely machines. Trouble is that I found myself ordering a machine for myself....and suddenly one was there. :-)

Let me tell you, I love this machine. It rocks! Fast, beautiful screen. For the first time ever, I cranked WoW's graphics to maximum and maintained 60 fps. I can see the limitations of the source graphics very clearly, more clearly than ever. I opted for the twin video cards running SLI. Simply beautiful. The LED lights on the lid and around the keyboard are a bit much (although I love the LED keyboard itself), but I can deal with that.

My only complaint? This thing isn't even remotely intended to be a laptop. It's heavy, runs very warm, and the battery lasts only about 1.5 hours...and that's just browsing the internet and running some Visual Studio stuff.

The other upside is that I can work on stuff whilst hanging out with Sheri, which is why I ended up with a laptop. I was going to buy a new desktop, but she wanted me to have something I could use whilst we (read as; she) are watching TV. I admit it's very nice to spend time with her, but oh the desktop I could have had for what I spent on this. Ah, well...worth it to have her be happy whilst I am working.

More on this as the new "child" settles in. :-)

Edit: GWB isn't letting me comment on comments atm, so I thought I'd point out how cool it is that Maryanne thinks laptops are sexy. Ye gods, you gotta love gamrgrlz! :-) Posted on Monday, July 14, 2008 6:51 PM | Back to top

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