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Theo Moore Questions... Morphology? Longevity? Incept dates?
***NO SPOILERS!!!!! ***

The Dark Knight was simply everything I hoped it would be. The end, just like Batman Begins, brought tears to me eyes. It was just quintessential Batman with everything you'd expect. Christopher Nolan really, really "gets" the Batman.

The beginning "catch us up" portion is a little tough to grasp (seems like it to my detail-oriented mind anyway) since it was kind of run through quickly. Once the initial players are setup and set in motion, though, the story moves quickly. As soon as I thought we'd reached the pinnacle of intensity, we got our breath and continued onward. It is a *lot* of movie for your money and time. It's only like 150 minutes, but it is a seriously intense 150 minutes especially in the last half hour or so.

Ledger's portrayal of the Joker was excellent. This is the Joker in his glory. Never in the history of The Batman has the joker's smile seemed so ironic, never has he seemed so clever and bent. He totally sells the Joker, and selling crazy as an actor is not easy to do. I love the makeup, and the fact that it is makeup; he chooses to wear it which adds to the "crazy". This is my favourite Joker to date. This Joker is about as far from Romero's Joker as you can get. Even Nicholson's joker can't touch this one. This Joker is darker, more sinister. He is the proper antithesis of the Batman.

I feared that perhaps the Joker would loom so large that the Batman would be dwarfed by him, much like Keaton's Batman was by Nicholson's Joker. My worries were unfounded. The two characters make a an exciting yin and yang, just like they are supposed to be. I wish I could talk about some of the scenes, but I won't....OMG some of them are simply staggering. Think courtroom scene from "A Few Good Men" for intensity.

Christian Bale does a great job of reviving the character of Batman from the last movie, and once again, sells it well. His version of Bruce Wayne/The Batman, for me at least, is the defining interpretation. No one has ever grasped it this well.

The rest of the key players are back and all do a great job. Gary Oldman takes on a far more significant role, as you would expect, and does a great job, as you'd expect.

As a side note, I like the new Rachel Dawes much better. The actress resembles Kirsten Dunst to me. She seems far more believable than Katie Holmes did.

One last note: the trailers shown at this movie are excellent. If you are 80s sci-fi fan, comic book fan, or spy adventure fan, you're gonna love them.

Now, I must go and schedule when we will go see it again. :-) Posted on Friday, July 18, 2008 8:09 AM | Back to top

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Thanks for the review without spoiling it - I know it's hard to do when you're stoked about a film. Hoping to get to see it this weekend.
Left by Jerod Crump on Jul 18, 2008 10:26 AM

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