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Last night, I d/l the most recent version of CSLA for my game (henceforth codename GAGame), and tried to build it. I got something I wouldn't have expected, an error that read:

error creating manifest -- access is denied

Wow, that's odd, I thought. I fought with it a little while, but soon gave up and hit Google with it. I found the an article that explained what had happened and how to fix it. Apparently, 3.5 .Net FW SP1 causes permissions to your MachineKeys folder to be jacked up. Once I restored the Admin user full access to the folder, cleared right up.

Does anyone think it odd that you even *can* deny full access to the Administrator group on the box??? Seems a little counter-intuitive....

Posted on Wednesday, September 17, 2008 10:20 AM | Back to top

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