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I had an issue with Selenium and Firefox3 yesterday. It just wouldn't start up and run an instance of Firefox. When Selenium runs, it alters your settings for the particular browser you are using such that it can fire a proxy server on your local host. This enables Selenium to interact with the browser in a way not otherwise really possible. Interestingly, most browsers by default want to stop this behaviour.

Anyway, Selenium could fire an instance of the browser and attempt to edit the settings in the profile (you can use more than one profile with FF, in case you didn't know....try this from your Start, Run: firefox -profilemanager), but the settings couldn't be saved. Interestingly, the same code worked perfectly with IE, so it had to be something specific with either my environment or the firefox client driver Selenium uses. One of the bennies of this being open source is that I opened the same build on my Eclipse install at home...and got the same results. Probably not environment related, then.

I was digging around and realized we have access to the nightly build of the Selenium RC (and the others, also). I figured that perhaps the release version I had could the problem, and tried the newest nightly.

Poof! Problem solved.

Apparently, the nightlies do occassionally break existing code, tho' (it is in beta) I am saving each version I d/l and use in case I need to regress to a working version. Still, it's worth noting you can get at the nightly build.

Handy. Posted on Tuesday, December 30, 2008 9:11 AM | Back to top

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