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Wow, been awhile since I last posted....sheesh.

Anyway, I've been doing some web service testing lately at work. Nothing to strenuous; just your basic does it do what it is supposed to do type testing. I was introduced to SoapUI in the process of this, and I can honestly say I like it. It's simple to set up and seems to work well. It provides a TestSuite/TestCase paradigm seems natural and normal to anyone who's done some testing.

My only complaint so far: it is has a steep learning curve once you get out of the basic uses. It does allow for scripting (in either Groovy or JavaScript) and I may need some of that later. For now, I am trying to keep the testing simple since I am on a deadline. I'll build some tests with it now that might be enhanced with scripting later.

More on this as I go...

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