Larry Clarkin of The Thirsty Developer podcast is one of the leaders of the Chicago Architects Group and makes the Microsoft office available for some of our meetings.  As we were setting up for last week’s meeting Larry was recording an episode of The Thirsty Developer.  There were a few things about the situation that surprised me.

The first thing was that I always imagined a large box for recording and head sets and everything hooked up to a computer.  The whole setup was barely noticable except for that large professional microphones.  You can actually see how simple the setup is on the most recent episode’s page.

The second surprise was how much distraction Larry could put up with and still keep on track with the interview.  We were moving in and out of the room as people showed up and were setting up the food and drinks for the evening.  We carried on conversations just outside the room and they never missed a beat.  Then again I’m sure when Larry and Dave are recording in a bar or at a conference they have a lot more to deal with.

In all it was interesting to see just how these shows come together.  I now have a new appreciation for people that do podcasts that I spend so much time listening to.